Be a journalist yourself!

Be a citizen journalist and report issues around you! if you think as a News organization we are not able to cover areas and stories then help us being a part of us in reporting.

In order to do that you need to follow the Guidelines mentioned below.

Organizational policies for the authentication of the news’s

Its imperative but not limited to be over the age of 18.


Make sure to report the story as it is. Do not try to modify or exaggerate the facts. It would be best to receive footage or voices with less distortion and static so that the message is coherent.


Do not report anything that is just heard off or said so, which will not authenticate the news.

3) Omit Irrelevant opinion.

while shooting an incident be mindful to avoid irrelevant opinions to make the news concise.



never alter the photos.




New Ideas

These are few ideas we can try in our Channel

Facebook page management 

  • Channel’s Main Page here
  • Independent program pages

  1. Promo on “how to send video” can be run to get all sort of videos from the Saraiki belt.
  2. Viewers will/can send video questions or feedback on any program, and we will show these video in a program and try to answer them.  This program will call “feedback”
  3. A promo based on people’s voice can be generated from the mobile videos we will receive.
  4. Inspired from the BBC program “your shout”, we will try to start this segment in Morning Show / News / Jhok Sanjhok.
  5. Inspired from the BBC web base activity, we can cover local cultural festivals from the remote areas and update our channel’s web site with details about the event supporting with pictures or small videos. This updates will be advertised on channels facebook page so that people can come to our website and join the event. This will increase traffic on our site.

Aam Logon Ke Khaas Sawaal


Aam Logon Ke Khaas Sawaal will empower the ordinary man to choose which person in a position of power do they want to speak to and what questions they want to ask them.

FORMAT – 30 Minute Show 

The format of the show will be very simple and will require integration of all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS)

Phase 1:

  • Pick a topic and give the public an option to choose from 4 different personalities related to the topic.
  • The topic and the list of personalities will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and via SMS so that the people can vote for the personality they would like to see on the show.
  • Teasers will be run on air a week before the show educating the audience about the show and encouraging them to vote and tune in to the show.

Phase 2:

  • Once the voting process has ended after 3 days we will announce the personality that will be on air (via television & social media) and ask people to send in their questions through SMS, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Those people who have made the best arguments will be contacted to join us on the show, international and audience members who cannot make it to our studio’s will have the option to join us via a google hangout while others can send in tweets through the application Coverit Live. We will also include a short call in session. (All participants will be subjected to a thorough screening process to ensure they respect the guidelines) 
Phase 3:
  • After we have made the selection we will have a live studio audience asking the personality questions. (No anchor, just a person carrying around a mike and acting as a moderator)
  • We will also include questions from Facebook, Twitter (via Coverit Live) and a call-in session taking live calls.

Video Editing Practice by Particapants


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Do & Dont’s for citizen journalist

DO & DONT’s for Citizen Journalist

         We are well aware that citizen journalism is spreading all over the world rapidly. It is most powerful medium for enlightening the lay men issues & socio problem. These issues can onaird & published through common people or stringer information. These people are concerned from every part of our society.

Actual Citizen Journalist

         A comon person can also join us our organization as a stringer, these guidelines must be in his mind:


  1. Reporting should be impartial.
  2. Confirmed the authenticity of the news.
  3. Try to save yourself.


  1. Dont’s reveal identification of the effected people.
  2. Dont’s give deformation & unethical torture to your victim(effected person).
  3. Dont consist to your opinion.


For Common guidelines click here

Guidelines to send Contents/Footage for Citizen Journalism

Guidelines for the Citizen Journalism

You can send your contents or Footage through FTP from any where.

The login and password of the FTP.

Login: socialmedia

Password: jun

Host Address:

Go to Windows Explorer and enter Host Address in the address bar.

Then a popup window will appear and ask you to enter the login/password. You’ll have to enter it there.

Now Finally copy and paste the data you want to send us.

Note: You can give the FTP information only to reliable person you may know.

Citizen journalism

Become a Citizen Journalist

We welcome you, the ‘real’ person to bring forth your ‘real’ stories by becoming a citizen journalist.

But before you begin ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you a minimum of 16 years of age?
  1. Is your content new, interesting and worthy of attention?
  1. Is your content about real events and opinions?

If you answered with a yes to the questions above , keep the following rules in mind and begin your report!

– Make sure the content you send us does not include copyright infringement.

Hate Speech against a race, ethnicity, religious group or disability is not acceptable.

– Your video should not intend to incite violence or violent behavior.

Obscenity, sexually explicit content, violent imagery will not be entertained.

– Content should not be fabricated and/or fake

Note: If you believe a report you saw on our forum does not comply to our rules, please submit a complaint with the name of the report in question and we will investigate the matter.

So you want to be a Citizen Journalist


If you’re reading this you’ve made the decision to be a citizen journalist. Before you get started its essential that you follow a few simple guidelines.

You must be 16 years old to participate

Only original content will be accepted. In order words if you don’t own or have permission to use the content, you shouldn’t be submitting it.                              

Your video should be authentic and should be discussing a real issue or story.

If your submission is of sensitive nature then it will be reviewed by our editorial committee.

Do not submit content which will be offensive to others.

Click here to become a citizen journalist. We look forward to your submissions.




Citizen Journalism: 9 things to keep in mind (Guidelines)




1) When you send us a video or image which you don’t want to named for, please inform us in the email to keep your identity hidden.

2) If the video/image is not regarding a crime or violation of law and involves persons other than yourself, please make sure you have their permission to use it.

3) If you have recieved the video from another source, please mention it when sending it to us.

Quality of Content:

4) If you’re shooting a video or capturing an image to send to us, please make sure the that video does not shake too much and that the video/image is comprehensible.

5) Please don’t send us videos of yourself commenting on an incident.

6) Don’t use any unfamiliar codecs to compress your videos.


7) Don’t manipulate the image or videos that you are going to send to us to have it portray something that is not supposed to be there, or the other way round.

8) Don’t manipulate the situation/scenario and hold your ground as an observer only.

9) If you have doubts about a story that you have a lead on, please investigate more before sending us that story.








“Global Youth Power” is a local issue based program,Produced by Noman Sheikh(Admin manger Global FM 91).This program was on-aired through Global Radio FM 91 in the very beginning of the year 2012.In this program,Youth issues of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas are highlighted.This is the platform for Youth of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas to promote their values,rights,work together to bring positive change,to make youth strengthen and to raise awareness and understanding on their common issues through Media.

Format of Program:

In program “Global Youth Power” authorities from private as well as governmental sector of D-I-Khan are invited for solving the Issues of Youth.

Feedback of Listeners:

It was realized at the very initials stages that the Youth of D-I-Khan were very excited, as the Idea of “Global Youth Power” was not only a Radio program but it was a ray of hope to resolve their issues.a very large number of people get participated through calls,letters,emails at ,facebook  and corner meetings.

Corner Meetings:

As the time interval of program “Global Youth Power” on live Radio is 2 hours,so it was found difficult to listen to maximum issues of the Youth in the meantime,Corner meetings with local Youth of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas are held once a week in this regard to solve their issues.


Global Youth Seminar:

This can be called fortune for the program “Global Youth Power” Or “Youth of D-I-Khan” that a well known personality throughout Pakistan i.e former Federal Minister for privatisation and former Federal Minister for investment, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan,was involved in the program”Global Youth Power” and later on,He was invited to D-I-Khan by organizing “Global Youth Seminar” for resolving the Issues of Youth of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas.


Female wing of “Global Youth Power”:

Female’s issues are also focused in the program “Global Youth Power”.Miss Nabila Asmat Kundi is leading the Female sector of “Global Youth Power”.She also do field work as women in D-I-Khan are not allowed to come out of their homes, but using possible sources, their issues are also highlighted and also tried to resolved.

Success Stories of Global Youth Power:

The Following are the seccess stories of the Program ”Global Youth Pwer”:

1:A local Health Unit of the town KACHA JHOK DAAR was re-opened as it was closed since 1994.

2:Vocational Center for female Youth in TOSEEFABAD D-I-Khan.

3:Issue of school staff absence was resolved in BUDHANI village of D-I-Khan.

4:Finencial Problems of students are solving by raising Global Youth Power Fund.

Main Chellanges:

The following are the 2 main chellanges for Global Youth Power:

1:As mentioned above that women are not allowed to come out of their homes,so this is the main chellange regarding female wing of “Global Youth Power”.

2:Lack of Fund to solve different issues of the Youth of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas.