How The Internet Was Way Back in The Day:

Back in 2001, had someone told me how the Internet would be in a decade’s time it could’ve sounded far fetched, though the basic understanding of Internet being a global community was there. I for one wasn’t expecting the sophistication that the Internet and specially social media tools offer in 2012. Personally for me, till about 2001 the Internet seems like a different place. Everyone was investing and/or experimenting in the digital network that made up the virtual world. Some failing and some hitting it off to create virtual business empires. Some of the most prominent social media tools were obviously amongst the ones which became successful.

Social Media in Present Time

A decade later, the Internet has become bigger, faster and very robust. Internet in the last ten years has become an integral part of our daily lives and specially social media in last few years of those ten. For me, the realization that social media could  affect news organizations was in 2009 when I was exploring Twitter, trying to figure out what exactly was it. Facebook seemed cluttered and in a way disorganized and honestly, I needed a break from it. As I explored Twitter more, I understood the concept that “everyone has a story to tell” thoroughly. I also understood that everyone wanted to add their two cents to whatever story they could. There was just, too much information available though only some of it was relevant to only some people.

It was that time, that it became clear to me how this tool which limits “expression” to 140 characters would change how news stories could be managed. Personally for me, it was nothing less than a revelation though some news agencies had already picked up on it. It became clear how this information overload needed to be managed and would do wonders.

I vaguely understood at that time that all that chatter would need to be filtered  and professional news publishers needed to sort and analize all that noise that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Youtube etc were (still are) generating. I learned that only some of it is relevant to only some and still the majority of content was, just noise.

While social media has made life easy for news publishers in respects of finding stories, I think it has also given them a new headache of sorting and filtering all the content that the Internet populace generates. That content needed to filtered for cultural, national and social relevance. Looking at the expansion and evolution of news portals I guess the news publishers have done a fairly decent job so far. But as technology grows, so do the challenges.