Local Media in Pakistan

During the last decade many private TV channels came into existence in Pakistan which are playing a key role in the social development in the very society of the country. The TV channel boom has a huge impact on the behavior of the individuals in the society. The local and international news’s are delivered in the local languages, has been a blessing for the people and they react to the information that they receive through it. It has proved to be a lucrative business as well, where many TV channels have tremendously earned through commercial activities.

Least media coverage for Balochistan

Strike observed on Akbar Bugti's death anniversary '12

However, whether these TV channels are duly playing their role of disseminating correct and unbiased news is questionable. It may be observed that Balochistan, which is the largest province of Pakistan land wise gets least media coverage. Though a desperate need lies for the coverage of the law and order situation prevalent in that part of the country.

Social media importance

thousands of people gather at Karachi press club in March '12 for the release of Baloch missing persons.

Therefore, it has been observed people who are keen to get information about Balochistan are greatly inclined towards social media where they can get first hand news’s uploaded by the indigenous. Nonetheless, social media has been an imperative source of news’s of and from Balochistan.

Breaking News Balochistan

This is the latest news by BBC URDU through sms: “There was a rally for missing persons in karachi today 11th March ’12, from karachi Arts Council to karachi press club. There was only a Balochi channel VSH NEWS for coverage of this event, all other Pakistani channels and newspaper reporters were absent”