“Global Youth Power” is a local issue based program,Produced by Noman Sheikh(Admin manger Global FM 91).This program was on-aired through Global Radio FM 91 in the very beginning of the year 2012.In this program,Youth issues of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas are highlighted.This is the platform for Youth of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas to promote their values,rights,work together to bring positive change,to make youth strengthen and to raise awareness and understanding on their common issues through Media.

Format of Program:

In program “Global Youth Power” authorities from private as well as governmental sector of D-I-Khan are invited for solving the Issues of Youth.

Feedback of Listeners:

It was realized at the very initials stages that the Youth of D-I-Khan were very excited, as the Idea of “Global Youth Power” was not only a Radio program but it was a ray of hope to resolve their issues.a very large number of people get participated through calls,letters,emails at ,facebook  and corner meetings.

Corner Meetings:

As the time interval of program “Global Youth Power” on live Radio is 2 hours,so it was found difficult to listen to maximum issues of the Youth in the meantime,Corner meetings with local Youth of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas are held once a week in this regard to solve their issues.


Global Youth Seminar:

This can be called fortune for the program “Global Youth Power” Or “Youth of D-I-Khan” that a well known personality throughout Pakistan i.e former Federal Minister for privatisation and former Federal Minister for investment, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan,was involved in the program”Global Youth Power” and later on,He was invited to D-I-Khan by organizing “Global Youth Seminar” for resolving the Issues of Youth of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas.


Female wing of “Global Youth Power”:

Female’s issues are also focused in the program “Global Youth Power”.Miss Nabila Asmat Kundi is leading the Female sector of “Global Youth Power”.She also do field work as women in D-I-Khan are not allowed to come out of their homes, but using possible sources, their issues are also highlighted and also tried to resolved.

Success Stories of Global Youth Power:

The Following are the seccess stories of the Program ”Global Youth Pwer”:

1:A local Health Unit of the town KACHA JHOK DAAR was re-opened as it was closed since 1994.

2:Vocational Center for female Youth in TOSEEFABAD D-I-Khan.

3:Issue of school staff absence was resolved in BUDHANI village of D-I-Khan.

4:Finencial Problems of students are solving by raising Global Youth Power Fund.

Main Chellanges:

The following are the 2 main chellanges for Global Youth Power:

1:As mentioned above that women are not allowed to come out of their homes,so this is the main chellange regarding female wing of “Global Youth Power”.

2:Lack of Fund to solve different issues of the Youth of D-I-Khan and its surrounding areas.