captured in water

I was strongly beliver that professional jernalism is the best way to intract the lay man and professional journalist can easyly help needy people and that primary information from the sources, butt when two years before flood came all our the country and we could not collect the real condition from the remote areas then we feel that professional jounalism is not enough to covered such a large scale destruction or disaster then we feel that on social media can covered the whole remote areas easily.

Flood Effected People

Military help needy's

Two years before every citizen directly are in directly effected by bala, being a radio presenter and news editor we were collecting the whole information by the local people through mobiles which was the only source of information that day and these information our sending us by common people and socio mobilizer beside this our stingers our also giving us min to min reporting and awareness about the distraction their areas which was occurred by flood they told about the affeties which were captured in water.

Captured on roof

GOTH ALLAH RAKIO BHUTT is is a village river Indus, fortunately we have already selected a freelance stringer in this goth for getting news. He told us that is village is covered by flood water and the all the villagers are sitting on roof, so please help us. we at once contact with military men and told them whole situation and they rapidly departed for villagers help this incident change my mind that how socio media healthy helpful for common men and helpless people