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The events of the past couple of weeks seem to bear this out in dramatic fashion. From Tunisia to Jordan, Yemen and Cairo, and then around the world, social networks are increasingly playing an important role in reporting and making news.

Activating Social Media

That is the essence of crowdsourcing, without the overt commercialism from which the term first arose; the organic delivery of news, and the immediate call to action that is created by the delivery of that news, has become the most compelling and powerful development in social media.Even as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak moved with unprecedented audacity – and unexpected effectiveness – to shut down social networks like Twitter, the crowd moved in from around the world, creating and delivering new ways to move information to people on the streets. It was a stunning display of technological creativity by ordinary people around the globe in response to hardliner government  intervention against the free flow of information.

Twitter has changed the way people communicate …..


Call for action

Of course, the events that led to this didn’t happen overnight. A people does  not rise against its government in such numbers just because of a call to action. There had to be a deep understanding by everyone involved that the time had come to take back the government.

The time of tolerance for bad policy and unresponsive leadership was over. Whether the uprising succeeds in deposing Mubarak this week or in September, will depend largely on the collective intelligence that social media are crowd sourcing at this very moment.

Note: This page is made for practice only. The source is linked here (http://socialmediaclub.org/blogs/social-media-journal/crowdsourcing-revolution-egypt)


HELP Al-Tahrir Movement

If you are following @tahrirsupplies on twitter, you may have seen hundreds of appeals for little things to emergency blood requirement.Thousands of people spending days after days at “Al-Tehrir Square” in presence of heavy force and army.

When TahrirSupplies started, we, as a group vowed to take it upon ourselves to make sure that all the FHs needs were met. We have reached out to you and you have not failed us. We are honored and privileged to have been part of this and we value your trust immensely.

Supplies and Information

Now, that we are confident that, thanks to you, these FHs have what they need of medical supplies we sense that our role has come to an end for now. Though we would gladly do it all over again, we hope the past events will not repeat themselves.

Do write to us at tahrir.supplies@gmail.com, share with us your views, memories, and pictures with tahrirsupplies. Also, we would like to hear about your dreams for a better Egypt and what would you like us to do next. Additionally, thank you for restoring the hope in a better future for our country.

Finally, we would like to say that “Tahrir” is not just a square, look around you there must be someone close to home in need. Bring Tahrir home.


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