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Media is one of the pillar in progress of a country, in a country like Pakistan passing through this crucial time Media plays an Vital  role in our daily routine there are different languages spoken in different regions of Pakistan which are said to be regional language according to their province and region after which electronic media boomed in the country every regional language introduced its channel but the only region or province where electronic media was missing is Baluchistan which was then introduced with a Balochi TV Channel in 2008 Known as Vsh News in absence of this channel the vacuum was being filled by social media and citizen journalist the places where it was difficult to reach or being neglected citizens from that region used social media to bring up their issues and get them highlighted in the media

what they felt the best way to report those issues was to record that incident by small camcorder or phone cameras and upload them on accessible website where their is easy access to people using social networking website like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, My Space etc where they used to update the script or the text in the detail box and was linked with the footage caught on the camera by the person who was present where the incident took place, these type of actives are mostly done by group of activists