Aam Logon Ke Khaas Sawaal will empower the ordinary man to choose which person in a position of power do they want to speak to and what questions they want to ask them.

FORMAT – 30 Minute Show 

The format of the show will be very simple and will require integration of all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS)

Phase 1:

  • Pick a topic and give the public an option to choose from 4 different personalities related to the topic.
  • The topic and the list of personalities will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and via SMS so that the people can vote for the personality they would like to see on the show.
  • Teasers will be run on air a week before the show educating the audience about the show and encouraging them to vote and tune in to the show.

Phase 2:

  • Once the voting process has ended after 3 days we will announce the personality that will be on air (via television & social media) and ask people to send in their questions through SMS, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Those people who have made the best arguments will be contacted to join us on the show, international and audience members who cannot make it to our studio’s will have the option to join us via a google hangout while others can send in tweets through the application Coverit Live. We will also include a short call in session. (All participants will be subjected to a thorough screening process to ensure they respect the guidelines) 
Phase 3:
  • After we have made the selection we will have a live studio audience asking the personality questions. (No anchor, just a person carrying around a mike and acting as a moderator)
  • We will also include questions from Facebook, Twitter (via Coverit Live) and a call-in session taking live calls.