We welcome you, the ‘real’ person to bring forth your ‘real’ stories by becoming a citizen journalist.

But before you begin ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you a minimum of 16 years of age?
  1. Is your content new, interesting and worthy of attention?
  1. Is your content about real events and opinions?

If you answered with a yes to the questions above , keep the following rules in mind and begin your report!

– Make sure the content you send us does not include copyright infringement.

Hate Speech against a race, ethnicity, religious group or disability is not acceptable.

– Your video should not intend to incite violence or violent behavior.

Obscenity, sexually explicit content, violent imagery will not be entertained.

– Content should not be fabricated and/or fake

Note: If you believe a report you saw on our forum does not comply to our rules, please submit a complaint with the name of the report in question and we will investigate the matter.