1) When you send us a video or image which you don’t want to named for, please inform us in the email to keep your identity hidden.

2) If the video/image is not regarding a crime or violation of law and involves persons other than yourself, please make sure you have their permission to use it.

3) If you have recieved the video from another source, please mention it when sending it to us.

Quality of Content:

4) If you’re shooting a video or capturing an image to send to us, please make sure the that video does not shake too much and that the video/image is comprehensible.

5) Please don’t send us videos of yourself commenting on an incident.

6) Don’t use any unfamiliar codecs to compress your videos.


7) Don’t manipulate the image or videos that you are going to send to us to have it portray something that is not supposed to be there, or the other way round.

8) Don’t manipulate the situation/scenario and hold your ground as an observer only.

9) If you have doubts about a story that you have a lead on, please investigate more before sending us that story.