These are few ideas we can try in our Channel

Facebook page management 

  • Channel’s Main Page here
  • Independent program pages

  1. Promo on “how to send video” can be run to get all sort of videos from the Saraiki belt.
  2. Viewers will/can send video questions or feedback on any program, and we will show these video in a program and try to answer them.  This program will call “feedback”
  3. A promo based on people’s voice can be generated from the mobile videos we will receive.
  4. Inspired from the BBC program “your shout”, we will try to start this segment in Morning Show / News / Jhok Sanjhok.
  5. Inspired from the BBC web base activity, we can cover local cultural festivals from the remote areas and update our channel’s web site with details about the event supporting with pictures or small videos. This updates will be advertised on channels facebook page so that people can come to our website and join the event. This will increase traffic on our site.