Day 2

SESSION THREE (Day two – Morning)

Social Web for Broadcast Media

What Journalists do with Social Media?

Citizen journalism and how to use it in the newsroom.
Interactive discussion – Short refresher on why ‘real’ people matter and can make for powerful TV and radio.
Practical exercise – assess the raw footage (audio for radio people and TV for tv people)  and think of a way it could be used in one of your existing programmes. Edit the footage as you would use it and present to the class explaining why you selected what you did (which bits were most powerful etc) and in what programme you would use it in.
EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Laptops (2-3 to a group. Edit using windows movie maker? (jun, do you have experience of this?) Also, what would the radio people edit their audio on?
Trainer: Nadene to lead discussion, all 3 to help groups. But we need to make sure we know how to use the editing software! Will Shahzad be with us in Karachi? He knows it I think.

To learn ways to use citizen journalist material
To think critically about how and what to select
To learn basic edit skills

Practical Exercise – working individually or in pairs. Time taken – 2-3 hours

Think of an idea for a NEW programme or format to include citizen journalism. It can be a series, it can be a two minute segment in an existing show, it can be a website or a blog.
Develop your idea as much as possible using the tools. If it’s a new programme or series then perhaps develop a FB page or blog page informing the audience what the show is going to be about.
If your idea is how to include citizen journalism in existing news format then either write a blog about it or develop a blog/website page to inform your audience (and your boss) how it will work.
Upload some of the examples you worked on in session three, but also look for new material/images.
Each person to present their ideas to the group.

Key objectives:
To really encourage participants to think outside the box about new ways to use citizen journalists or social media.
To focus on writing styles and on how to encourage debate/audience participation etc.
To help partner broadcast organisations develop a useable and creative format which can be aired. It is hoped that some of these formats will go into production and form our future mentoring plans around this area.

Start with Media Convergence.


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