Importance of Social Media

State of Emergency in Pakistan

On November 3, 2007, a state of emergency was declared by the then Pakistani Military President Gen Pervez Musharraf, and the constitution of Pakistan was suspended. Gen Musharraf controversially held both positions of President and Chief of Army Staff. The Supreme Court of Pakistan headed by the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry reacted promptly to the emergency declaration, convening a seven-member bench which issued an interim order against this action. Subsequently, armed personals of the Pakistan army entered the supreme court building and removed Chief Justice of Pakistan and several other judges from the supreme court and arrested them.

Ban Imposed on Media

With the imposition of emergency a media blackout followed and all major national news tv channels like Geo, ARY, AAJ and other channels were blocked.


Some anchors of current affair programs were barred from conducting their talk shows due to their criticism of the government’s policies. These anchors went in to the field and conducted their programs on the streets.

The Journalists community held protest demonstrations across the country against the curbs on media.

The tv reporters and video journalists were making their reports and conducting talk shows on the streets but their viewers couldn’t watch their work. That was the time when I realized the importance of Social Media and asked the relevant colleagues to work on this alternate aspect of the media.

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social Media

Social media is part of life now a days every one want to be aware about the current situation of the world although every one havent time for watching news tv social media is easy way to connect to the world easly


Aj Bhi Wohi Media Hy jis ke bare men aj se 15 sal pehle suna karte thr keh ek dor ae ga keh her chez men net or computer use ho ga….

1990 men first time net cafe pe gaya or aj It Engineer houn!

or ab to social media ko he grou kaha jae to ghalat na ho ga;

seleb ke doran betahasha kirdar raha net ke thoru up date mobile ke throu hum rabte men rahe or buhat se logon ke jan bachane men kamyab rahe……………. yah humare kamyabi

face book ke thro friends up date dete or to or hum ne to face book kr thro buhat se friends se selab zadgan ke lye add bhi jama ke

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Importance of Social Media in rural areas


In Southern Punjab of Pakistan, social media play a very significant role to create awareness is every aspects of life. When I would say social media bridge up communities during incidents then I must share some personal experiences here for the great role of social media.

In 2010, a huge flood disaster came through in Indus delta right from north to south. No doubt flood came every year in Pakistan but that flood was much horrible. In results it completely damaged agrarian belt and economy as well. If we go through victims comments, there were no governmental warnings there to put necessary action in time to save human losses.

In results, social media create awareness to people how they could take preventive action measures to minimize chances of losses. They can make some committees to convey masses voice to government authorities to secure damages.Image

Revolutionizing The Revolution


Tahrir Supplies – helping revolution

The events of the past couple of weeks seem to bear this out in dramatic fashion. From Tunisia to Jordan, Yemen and Cairo, and then around the world, social networks are increasingly playing an important role in reporting and making news.

Activating Social Media

That is the essence of crowdsourcing, without the overt commercialism from which the term first arose; the organic delivery of news, and the immediate call to action that is created by the delivery of that news, has become the most compelling and powerful development in social media.Even as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak moved with unprecedented audacity – and unexpected effectiveness – to shut down social networks like Twitter, the crowd moved in from around the world, creating and delivering new ways to move information to people on the streets. It was a stunning display of technological creativity by ordinary people around the globe in response to hardliner government  intervention against the free flow of information.

Twitter has changed the way people communicate …..


Call for action

Of course, the events that led to this didn’t happen overnight. A people does  not rise against its government in such numbers just because of a call to action. There had to be a deep understanding by everyone involved that the time had come to take back the government.

The time of tolerance for bad policy and unresponsive leadership was over. Whether the uprising succeeds in deposing Mubarak this week or in September, will depend largely on the collective intelligence that social media are crowd sourcing at this very moment.

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HELP Al-Tahrir Movement

If you are following @tahrirsupplies on twitter, you may have seen hundreds of appeals for little things to emergency blood requirement.Thousands of people spending days after days at “Al-Tehrir Square” in presence of heavy force and army.

When TahrirSupplies started, we, as a group vowed to take it upon ourselves to make sure that all the FHs needs were met. We have reached out to you and you have not failed us. We are honored and privileged to have been part of this and we value your trust immensely.

Supplies and Information

Now, that we are confident that, thanks to you, these FHs have what they need of medical supplies we sense that our role has come to an end for now. Though we would gladly do it all over again, we hope the past events will not repeat themselves.

Do write to us at, share with us your views, memories, and pictures with tahrirsupplies. Also, we would like to hear about your dreams for a better Egypt and what would you like us to do next. Additionally, thank you for restoring the hope in a better future for our country.

Finally, we would like to say that “Tahrir” is not just a square, look around you there must be someone close to home in need. Bring Tahrir home.


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Disaster Changed My Mind

captured in water

I was strongly beliver that professional jernalism is the best way to intract the lay man and professional journalist can easyly help needy people and that primary information from the sources, butt when two years before flood came all our the country and we could not collect the real condition from the remote areas then we feel that professional jounalism is not enough to covered such a large scale destruction or disaster then we feel that on social media can covered the whole remote areas easily.

Flood Effected People

Military help needy's

Two years before every citizen directly are in directly effected by bala, being a radio presenter and news editor we were collecting the whole information by the local people through mobiles which was the only source of information that day and these information our sending us by common people and socio mobilizer beside this our stingers our also giving us min to min reporting and awareness about the distraction their areas which was occurred by flood they told about the affeties which were captured in water.

Captured on roof

GOTH ALLAH RAKIO BHUTT is is a village river Indus, fortunately we have already selected a freelance stringer in this goth for getting news. He told us that is village is covered by flood water and the all the villagers are sitting on roof, so please help us. we at once contact with military men and told them whole situation and they rapidly departed for villagers help this incident change my mind that how socio media healthy helpful for common men and helpless people

Role of Social Media Before Electronic Media


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Media is one of the pillar in progress of a country, in a country like Pakistan passing through this crucial time Media plays an Vital  role in our daily routine there are different languages spoken in different regions of Pakistan which are said to be regional language according to their province and region after which electronic media boomed in the country every regional language introduced its channel but the only region or province where electronic media was missing is Baluchistan which was then introduced with a Balochi TV Channel in 2008 Known as Vsh News in absence of this channel the vacuum was being filled by social media and citizen journalist the places where it was difficult to reach or being neglected citizens from that region used social media to bring up their issues and get them highlighted in the media

what they felt the best way to report those issues was to record that incident by small camcorder or phone cameras and upload them on accessible website where their is easy access to people using social networking website like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, My Space etc where they used to update the script or the text in the detail box and was linked with the footage caught on the camera by the person who was present where the incident took place, these type of actives are mostly done by group of activists

Social Media and Balochistan!

Local Media in Pakistan

During the last decade many private TV channels came into existence in Pakistan which are playing a key role in the social development in the very society of the country. The TV channel boom has a huge impact on the behavior of the individuals in the society. The local and international news’s are delivered in the local languages, has been a blessing for the people and they react to the information that they receive through it. It has proved to be a lucrative business as well, where many TV channels have tremendously earned through commercial activities.

Least media coverage for Balochistan

Strike observed on Akbar Bugti's death anniversary '12

However, whether these TV channels are duly playing their role of disseminating correct and unbiased news is questionable. It may be observed that Balochistan, which is the largest province of Pakistan land wise gets least media coverage. Though a desperate need lies for the coverage of the law and order situation prevalent in that part of the country.

Social media importance

thousands of people gather at Karachi press club in March '12 for the release of Baloch missing persons.

Therefore, it has been observed people who are keen to get information about Balochistan are greatly inclined towards social media where they can get first hand news’s uploaded by the indigenous. Nonetheless, social media has been an imperative source of news’s of and from Balochistan.

Breaking News Balochistan

This is the latest news by BBC URDU through sms: “There was a rally for missing persons in karachi today 11th March ’12, from karachi Arts Council to karachi press club. There was only a Balochi channel VSH NEWS for coverage of this event, all other Pakistani channels and newspaper reporters were absent”

How and When I realized that social media could change how news organizations operate

How The Internet Was Way Back in The Day:

Back in 2001, had someone told me how the Internet would be in a decade’s time it could’ve sounded far fetched, though the basic understanding of Internet being a global community was there. I for one wasn’t expecting the sophistication that the Internet and specially social media tools offer in 2012. Personally for me, till about 2001 the Internet seems like a different place. Everyone was investing and/or experimenting in the digital network that made up the virtual world. Some failing and some hitting it off to create virtual business empires. Some of the most prominent social media tools were obviously amongst the ones which became successful.

Social Media in Present Time

A decade later, the Internet has become bigger, faster and very robust. Internet in the last ten years has become an integral part of our daily lives and specially social media in last few years of those ten. For me, the realization that social media could  affect news organizations was in 2009 when I was exploring Twitter, trying to figure out what exactly was it. Facebook seemed cluttered and in a way disorganized and honestly, I needed a break from it. As I explored Twitter more, I understood the concept that “everyone has a story to tell” thoroughly. I also understood that everyone wanted to add their two cents to whatever story they could. There was just, too much information available though only some of it was relevant to only some people.

It was that time, that it became clear to me how this tool which limits “expression” to 140 characters would change how news stories could be managed. Personally for me, it was nothing less than a revelation though some news agencies had already picked up on it. It became clear how this information overload needed to be managed and would do wonders.

I vaguely understood at that time that all that chatter would need to be filtered  and professional news publishers needed to sort and analize all that noise that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Youtube etc were (still are) generating. I learned that only some of it is relevant to only some and still the majority of content was, just noise.

While social media has made life easy for news publishers in respects of finding stories, I think it has also given them a new headache of sorting and filtering all the content that the Internet populace generates. That content needed to filtered for cultural, national and social relevance. Looking at the expansion and evolution of news portals I guess the news publishers have done a fairly decent job so far. But as technology grows, so do the challenges.

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